This is the 15th test launch of the new Shepard launch. And it is the last test before the manned launch. In the launch. Blue origin staff simulate all steps on the capsule before launch and leaving the capsule unmanned. After that the new Shepard launch into the sky. It is reaching 347,193 feet above ground level. And then the rocket and capsule are separated. the capsule being zero-g for a couple of mins. Rocket return back to the earth and landed successfully. And the capsule is also successfully recovered by parachute. Comparing with SpaceX, the new Shepard is the first fully reusable rocket to include the capsule, but the launching height is much lower than SpaceX. The new Shepard is built for space travel. SpaceX Falcon 9 is for launching satellite, so it is launching height is much higher and stage 2 is not recoverable.