There are only three companies in the world can handle the advanced process of making integrated circuits. They are tsmc, samsung, and intel. Intel is still at 10nm generation. People generally believe it is not as advanced as TSMC's 5nm and Samsung's 5nm. TSMC's 5nm is the direct competition of Samsung's 5nm. We are not able to directly compare their performance, because technical specifications and quality are different. However, we and get some impression from its customer product. TSMC is helping to produce the Apple A14 processor, its performance is pretty good while Samsung is helping to produce snapdragon 888 is reported overheat. If you are about to buy a new phone, you better check the benchmark of those new processors. For computer CPUs, due to production capacity, most AMD CPUs in the market are still using TSMC 7nm. Intel is stepping into the 10nm generation. But still, most product on the market is 14nm. Due to more advanced processes, AMD is giving higher multi-core benchmark results. And we can see the market share of AMD is growing for the last couple of years. If intel is not speeding up the improvement of its processor, it will be a big issue for it. At the same time, Apple is switching from intel x86 to ARM processor. Many of its new models are using its design M1 processor. That is reported very good performance. Apple is building up its software ecosystem. If the software ecosystem in ARM processor is improved, it will be insensitive for people to switch to mac with an M1 processor.