Quantum Computing has been developing for many years, but still, now there isn't a huge breakthrough. It is because it is very difficult by nature. Even though many huge cooperate has been spending a lot of money on researching of Quantum computing. In recent years, Google has claimed that it achieved quantum supremacy. This means quantum computing is much more powerful than a traditional computer for a particular task. However, even though they achieved quantum supremacy, it is still very hard to applying quantum computing to general applications. Quantum computing is very suitable for speeding up calculation problems like optimization problems. Many corporations have already published many use case scenarios that will be suitable for Quantum Computing such as chemical calculations such as logistics. However, for those use cases, required the power of quantum computing is much more than what we can make. That's why even though the government has been heavily promoting Quantum Computing, it still cannot break through the gap of actual application. Recent ionq has being listed on the stock market. We foresee Quantum Computing will keep being under the spotlight for a couple of years. One of the major difficulties of Quantum Computing is the error rate. The high error rate is stopping quantum computing technology growth further. The more qbit, the higher the error rate. Different technology have been proposed, such as error correction. If that issue could be resolved, quantum Computing will be the next major step of technology improvement.